Located in the central region of Bhutan, Bumthang valley is widely known as the religious heart of the country. Legend has it that the valley has been blessed immensely with religious ideals. Not only that the valley is home to some of the oldest monasteries and temples in the country. The picturesque valley is dotted with sacred monasteries, sites, fortresses and ancient historic locations. Bumthang valley is also home to one of the domestic airports in the country making is easily accessible from Paro.

Bumthaps (people of Bumthang) are renowned for their Yathra textile producing skills and boasts of their unique culture. Bumthaps speak a different dialect and boasts of their special cuisine. Their women wear a white scarf around their head to show a distinct remark of age-old tradition and heritage.  Bumthang offers a plethora of adventurous activities for the visitors.

Places of Interest

These are the most popular ones there plenty more to discover,hidden places but we can t put them all here