Explore the Land of Happiness with Bhutan 4 Joy

We will be ready to greet you in the KINGDOM of BHUTAN the moment you arrive. Bhutan for Joy was created for you by Catherine GOULD and Leki PHUNTSHO.

Our Agency under the Authority of Tourism Council of Bhutan, Ministry of Trade and Industries has the knowledge and experience that will allow you to maximize your precious time. Together we can build your perfect holiday. Whether you wish to visit the unbelievably beautiful monasteries peached in our untouched mountains, trek through The Bhutanese countryside discovering its harmony and grace or you just want to be quite among your thoughts with Buddhist monks we can help you.

With a vast wealth of understanding of what Bhutan can offer, our local guides and chauffeurs at your side providing accompaniment at a rhythm that suits, you will appreciate the richness of the country and the people who live, work, laugh and pray.

Our bespoke organization will reach out to the corners of the Kingdom if that is your desire, we know this is a country people return too, so don’t rush. Bhutan for Joy is ready for you to relax, enjoy and become comfortable in its philosophy of life.

Happiness and generosity go hand in hand, perhaps Bhutan is a place where you can feel, see and embrace it most. Come with us on your incredible journey that will not be your last in the country of the land of the Thunder Dragon.

Bespoke Journeys

We offer a number of tour packages. Here are a few of our most popular ones.