Luxury Journey

Bhutan for many years was closed to the world of tourism but over time its government has opened its doors to a wonderful kingdom. In the early years of this new era of tourism, holiday packages were created for the few adventurers who wished to explore a country that was untouched by the outside world.The packages available consisted of sleeping in a 3 star accommodation and traveling around the country with their guide.

The modern Bhutan has not really changed at all “ thank goodness “ and the delicate balance of life in the rural areas had not altered, people living and working in Bhutan have continued to be themselves. One of the most attractive things in Bhutan is not the temples, mountains, rivers or cities but the people themselves.

Saying all this brings us to a new thinking for the future of Bhutan, an awareness that perhaps a few privileged clients will want to make the voyage, experiencing the culture and calmness in the comfort of a 5 star establishment. With this new clientele in mind some luxury hotel groups have invested into Bhutan.

Bhutan 4 Joy are already in contact with these elite new hotels, providing luxury holidays to an exact requirement. These new luxury hotels are based at the following places, providing the possibility to create a luxury circuit visiting PARO, PUNAKHA, THIMPHU, BUMTHANG with all the attractions in the surrounding areas is a must for some.

As always our individual clients can pick and choose there destination but with our experience and connections we can advise you in every detail.

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